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  • 製造工場や店舗では、本来その商品に含まれていない他のアレルゲンを含む原材料も扱っているため、それらの物質が商品に付着・混入する可能性があります。
  • アレルゲンに対する感受性には個人差がありますので、ご購入・ご賞味の際は専門医とご相談のうえ、最終的に判断されることをお勧めします。
  • 食品表示法で表示が義務付けられている特定原材料8品目と、表示が推奨されている特定原材料に準ずるもの20品目及び魚介類について表示しています。
  • 「魚介類」とは、たん白加水分解物・魚醤・魚醤パウダー・魚肉すり身・魚油・魚介エキスの原材料の中に、どの種類の魚介類が含まれているか特定できない場合に限り、食品表示法によって例外的に認められている表記です。
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Allergen, Nutrition, Countries of Origin Information

We provide the information to help all customers including those who have food allergies or concerns about nutrition enjoy our products.

Notice (Please be sure to read)

About allergen information

We provide the information on whether or not allergens are used as ingredients for each product.

  • Since manufacturing plants and stores also handle ingredients containing other allergens that are not originally contained in the product, there is a possibility that these substances may come into contact with or get mixed into the product.
  • Each person has a different sensitivity to allergens. We recommend that you consult with a medical expert before you make a decision on the purchase or consumption of an allergen-containing product.
  • We provide the information on 8 specified ingredients required to be labeled by the Food Labeling Act, 20 items equivalent to specified ingredients recommended to be labeled, and fish and shellfish.
  • "fish and shellfish" is an exception allowed under the Food Labeling Act only when it is not possible to identify which type of fish and/or shellfish is contained in the ingredients such as hydrolized protein, fish sauce, fish sauce powder, fish meat paste, fish oil, and seafood extract.
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We provide the information on allergen, nutrition, countries of origin for each product in a table format.


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